Sunday, August 1, 2010

So Close

Well my once hat turned bag is almost done. I am so excited; I love how the colors are turning out. I got to use all of my favorite stitches (which are the double crochet and the front post crochet if you are wondering) and I sort of learned a new one. I wanted horizontal ribbing but didn't want to go get my book. So I just did what I thought would work and it turned out good. (at least in my opinion).

One of my favorite things about crocheting, or well any craft really is watching a project come to life. At first you just have this ball of yarn and a general plan of what you want it to be, but as you work with it, it changes. This bag was first going to be a hat, but as I was crocheting it just sort of told me it wanted to be a bag. Now I am not saying that I speak with yarn or anything of the sort. I may be taking a leap here but I think most people who paint, draw, write, knit, crochet ect.., know what I am talking about. You will sit down to do something and then all of a sudden by some whim that you can't explain, it turns into something else.

Anyways Picture Time!

This photo show the general shape and relief stitches better. Though the colors are sort of wonky.

And this one shows the colors almost perfectly.

Hopefully I will get finished pictures up soon. And hopefully I can finish this with the yarn I have so I wont have to scour the town for another ball of the yarn.

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  1. Ooh, that is looking yummy! I love the yarn and the stitches look amazing. I'm a knitter myself, so I really enjoy seeing crocheted pieces come to life. Funny you should mention this; yesterday I ripped out a knitted piece I'd been working on. It was going to end up too huge to wear, despite my having done a test swatch. Sigh...Now, how goes the spinning of the fibers you found outside?

    Thank you too for your kind and thoughtful words on my blog!