Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

So I finally got all my classes done for my summer courses. Hopefully I pull out with a good grade, I am not worried in one, but the other I am a little iffy on.

My friend Oliva came over and I got to bleach and die her hair a pretty color. It is sort of strange but I love dying hair. To me it is sort of like painting, and there is always a surprise at the end of exactly how it is going to turn out. It is great.

and Because I am still angry with my purple hat for not turning out right the first time around I started on an improvise project. First, it was going to be a neat little Lacey hat, but it was starting to look like a Kofi, which just isnt really my taste. So now it is going to be a bag and I am happy with how it is shapping up. Especially since I had no pattern what so ever. I think I might do some lining that way I can put smaller items in it. But who knows? I also finally made a yarn ball out of the hand dyed yarn I bought, I love the colors but hand dyed yarn is so hard to actually work with in those little twists.

This week is going to be fun. I have an uncle from Louisiana coming up, and he is going to camp at the lake, and the family reunion comes up this weekend so there is probably going to be a lot of hugs, good food, and domino playing. This uncle is who taught me how to play dominoes and he is always a blast to play with.

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  1. How awesome to read of a young person who enjoys spending time with her family! If you visit my blog, check on the link on my side bar for TLD Design Studio. You will be in yarn person heaven and and and! I can't say enough about Tammy, who owns and runs the place!