Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thistle Yarn

I have yet to buy any fiber, because I am broke and waiting for money to come in, but we have a lot of these thistle plants that are dried out and have this cotton like seeds. So I had the smart idea to try to spin it. I went out and collected some of the fiber but haven't really tried to spin it yet. I can't figure out how to clean it there are a lot of little seeds, and other things. :\ didn't really think that far.


  1. Gosh, but I like your werewithal! I suspect you will have to hand clean that stuff, manually picking out the seeds. You will also need to card the fibers so that they all go in the same direction. (I have a dog with major hair that I keep thinking about spinning myself...) I am intrigued to see what/how you take this forward. You might just be able to do some sort of carding with two hair brushes (wider bristled, of course)...I really am curious to see what you do with this because I think it sounds so cool!!!

  2. Read your comment and am still excited to see what you do here. You might check out videos on YouTube and see if there are any demonstrations on manual fiber carding...just a thought (I haven't looked myself)...