Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rambling about Spinning and Life

So I have been working on spinning, I recently bought two french support spindles and I love them.  They are taking some getting used to but they create such a poofy yarn.  I still like drop spindles though.  Tour De Fleece is going pretty good, I took a week off because I didn't really have anything I wanted to spin, but I bought a roving and a phat fiber sampler box and now I am working on those.  I also have a fiber club shipment in the mail and a custom order so I am excited for those to come in.

Its amazing how much our taste change as we grow older.  When I was younger I hated avocados and mushrooms.  Now I love them.  I also used to hate milk except on cereal or with chocolate, but tonight I had a craving just for milk, and found that I liked it.

Speaking of milk I recently bought some goat milk soap and I love it.  It just makes my skin feel softer then any store bought that I have tried.  Plus its nice to know that it doesn't have all those unneeded chemicals.   While looking around on the internet I found they have beer soap, a part of me wants to try and  another part of me is like "beer.. bleh."

Getting ready for school to start and I am pretty excited and nervous.  I am excited because I get to see my friends again after the long summer, and I am nervous for several reasons.  One I will probably start working in the honor's office which I have no clue how that will turn out.  It should be a pretty easy job, and I need a job to keep me grounded since the last two years I have had too much free time, which makes me lazy and unproductive.  Two, my roommate of two years and one of my best friends at college is transferring to West Virginia   That is a long long long ways from where I am, and I am going to miss her dreadfully.  Plus we started out as two strangers thrust together in a small dorm bedroom, with a loud long winded toilet and equally loud suite mates and we quickly turned into close friends during those freshmen semesters and continued into our sophomore years when we weren't sharing a bedroom only a bathroom and a living room.  I am going to miss our late night heart to heart talks when we should be sleeping, our procrastination parties and crazy dance parties.  While I know that we will continue to be friends it also scares me because you are the first of my close friends to move away, and I know that as I get closer to graduation more and more of my friends will be moving away to get their start in their careers.    I wish I could just pause all real life obligations and we could all just get together and have nonstop fun like we did for the Snow Week.    That week was seriously the most fun I have had a college and that is saying something.  I know that is impossible and that there is plenty more fun to be had in the future.  Its just that I have already watched a few members of our group walk across the stage already and after this upcoming semester I know there will be even more some that I am closer to, and while I am extremely happy for them, and I wouldn't want to hold them back.  It will be so difficult to see them leave and just hope that we have enough drive and planning to meet again.

Wow... Well I didn't mean for that to get so... whatever it got.  This was just going to be a short little post but I digress.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pic Spam from Tour de Fleece

Expect more to follow lol.

My shoulders are sour as my arms are too.  I think I can continue until the break on monday.  Its been a lot of fun so far, and I can already see an improvement in my speed and consistency.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh wow...

Well I did not mean to go this long without posting.  The weirdest part being that I got on Blogger pretty much every day but just didn't feel like posting a blog.  Not that I didn't have anything to say, just didn't have the words to say it I guess.

I have been working on learning how to spin and I am participating in Tour de Fleece so expect pictures.  Seeing a lot of improvement from my first yarn in january, and I might have a slight spindle addiction.

My computer died so I am posting this from my granny's which I can just barely get to work, and can't get pictures on it from normal means.

Oh and i finally got a new phone and texting which I have wanted forever.  It may not seem like a big deal to anyone but it is for me.  I just felt so out of the loop without texting because people would try to text me and I wouldn't even know it so I wouldn't receive invites to events, and didn't get inside jokes.  I am glad though that I didn't receive texting until I was old enough to appreciate it, and have been on the receiving end of bad texting manners.  So maybe I will be a little more aware that the person you are face to face with should be the priority in conversations.  Because there is few things as annoying as someone stopping in mid sentence to answer a text.

Planning on going to india next summer for some international experience, and to volunteer with CCS.  Plus I just have the travel bug, to much travel channel.

Looking back on my last posts I realize everything that has happened from those.  I have knit a bunch more, I knit a hat from my malabrigo and then lost it.  Which made me mad and I haven't knit the same pattern even though I loved it, or worked with that yarn since.

Being twenty wasn't such a change and I realized that I don't have to grow up yet and that I have a weird perspective on growing up.  Becoming an adult doesn't mean becoming boring and doing boring things.  Only that you acquire more or different responsibilities.  So I guess I am okay with that.

Sorry about the ramblingness of this post.  its 4 am and well regardless of time or subject matter I am a rambling writer.