Saturday, July 24, 2010

CD Drop Spindle and First attempt at spinning

I have been researching spinning for a few days, and I finally couldn't stand it any long and made a drop spindle out of a chop stick, silly putty and a small cd. (It is a very crappy spindle and I can't wait to replace it with something better.) Anyway I found an old string of yarn and took it apart and then spun it.

Here is my yarn. I think I can call it yarn though it is a pretty big stretch. It may be terrible but I am still proud of it.

Here is a sad sad picture of my sad little spindle. I can't find the rubber band that I used in place of a hook...

Even though my spindle was terrible I still enjoyed it. So I think I will invest in a good one, and some actual roving. I know I should spend more time on crocheting... but it all ties together right?


  1. I have a gorgeous drop spindle that I bought about two years ago and haven't had the chutzpah (translation? I was skeered) to attempt. Just yesterday morning (after being inspired last weekend by the Midwest Fiber Festival) I gave it a go, then watched some YouTube videos on it. My yarn (I am working from roving) wouldn't stay together. My next purchase is going to be a spinning wheel. I'm not sure why the need to do this but there it is. I can crochet but with my hand issue (I lost a finger and tip of thumb on my left hand), it isn't real easy for me. I do knit, however...And weave...and hope to weave tapestries one day too...and

  2. I hope to knit one day but I am trying to concentrate on learning crochet better. I LOVE to paint, but I don't get to do it very often. I seen on your blog where you are doing an oil painting, I love the look of oil. But I prefer acrylics.

    yeah i had the same problem with the roving. It kept pulling apart at several areas, I guess I am either over or under spinning it.

    Those youtube videos are life savers.