Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So I was lying in bed, on the computer and I hear some rustling in my room. Since my cat was in the room I just figured it was her snooping around. I move my feet and lay them on top of her, wait its not her so what is it. I move my computer screen looking around for the noise, thinking that it would be a mouse or something. Heck no it is a BIG AS GODZILLA FREAKING SPIDER!!!! So I picked up my green tea bottle and hit and and it RAN AWAY. I had to carefully search for it to crush it again...

So I am throughly creeped out, and I am so cleaning this room up, if I can even get up the courage to touch anything in it ever again. I feel like there are spiders crawling on me, it is seriously freaking me out... :(

I really really don't like spiders, if you can't tell.

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