Monday, August 9, 2010

New Yarn is In the Mail

Those two colors are on their way to my house and going to be worked in to a beautiful scarf/wrap that can be found Here! It is adorable and I am so excited to start on it.

The yarn is a sock weight that only cost $4.29 dollars and is 50 grams/ 218 yards which is a lot more then what I was finding for the price so I am pretty happy about it. It has pretty good reviews and the only problem listed was splitting but I think I can work past that. Valley Yarns Huntington is the brand name and I found it on

I finished my Papa's Riding Hat. I am going to make me one too because I really liked the way it fit while I was making it for him. I used a new stitch that my friend Livie showed me. It is called the Reverse Stitch and I was a little leery of it at first but it was pretty easy and made a wonderful finishing look.

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  1. You sure look cute in the hat! I love love love that purple yarn! What a soft color, much like I picture in my head when I hear the word "heather." I'm kind of hoping you get a group of new friends that you can teach to knit in the dorm! PJ Knitting Parties? Wahoo!