Saturday, August 14, 2010


Finally my yarn arrived in the mail. It isn't as soft as I dreamed it would be but I might have set my standards to unattainable. Since I was expecting a soft dreamy cloud like texture lol. It is fairly soft and it does feel warm, probably since it was out in the hot mail box but what ever. It also has a really nice sheen in the yarn. It actually sort of reminds me of lion brand yarn, because I have a grey yarn from there that has a really pretty shine in it. I just hope that it will be enough yarn because the four skeins look tiny but I followed the instructions and I have the required yards and grams. So maybe it will work?

I wish yarn would roll itself into a ball because its a very time consuming task. I hate starting yarn balls. My hands slip and slide around and it take forever to get it to a decent size so I can actually get a good hold on it.

I was in a drawing mood last night so I fiddled around on MS Paint a little. This was the result. I added the background on photoshop from some pictures that I took awhile ago.

I am pleased on how it turned out. I probably could have messed with it longer and got it looking smoother but I think it would have detracted from it.

(A little bit about my previous post. Autumnleaves I completely agree with you on all your points. There are girls like that and in my senior year I knew tons of girls that flirted and teased just about everyone. There were also a few girls with crushes on teachers and it is my understanding that was the case here.

When I first found out about the situation I thought that he might have told the girl that there couldn't be anything and she got mad and made an accusation. However I don't think that was the case since he has confessed of his actions. Though I do not know the full details of what occurred between them. Innocent until proven guilty is a mind frame difficult to hold when the person has admitted some wrong doing.)

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  1. Oh boy! He admitted to inappropriate behavior? Sigh...At least he was man enough to do that. His life will never be the same from something so freaking stupid. What an idiot!

    I absolutely love the drawing! I just can't seem to draw anything in Paint, though I've tried a few times. Did you do that simply with your mouse? Amazing! That would be kind of a cool poster if you are into posters, I mean. One of these days I'm going to have to get Photoshop too!