Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finished for real

I finished my bag and I am SO proud of it. It works as an over the shoulder type of bag, or if you don't want that it can be a cute drawstring backpack. The pictures don't really capture it well, but I could just be biased. ;)

I gave up on the thistle fiber, it was brittle and just difficult to work with. However my papa said that he would buy me some fiber but I think I will wait on that. I don't know how much college is going to cost this semester.

I have a lot of projects I need to work on, just which one to do first. The funny thing is most of them are hats. I love making hats though, they quick, cute and useful. I will probably work on my papa's hat first. It will be the quickest and I don't need to go and get more yarn for it. Plus fall is just around the corner and I want him to have a warm hat. I might take apart the scarf I made for the yarn for it. The scarf was a waste of good yarn. Bamboo spun fiber, it was surprisingly soft. Or at least to this newbie, I think it will make a very nice hat.

Something is seriously wrong with our electricity and it keeps on cutting on and off.

So i can't post up pictures right now.

I will do that tomorrow if the problem is fixed.

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  1. You call your dad 'Papa'? That is so cute. You've made me yearn for the autumn weather. My absolute favorite season when we begin to hunker down a bit, warmth and good food, good smells, comfortable weather, and thoughts of school and history and holiday seasons to come! Can't wait to see your bag completed photo too. Interesting to hear of the brittleness of the thistle fiber. I wonder if it is possible to work with this stuff with some sort of soaking and combing? ('Course, I will have to try to remember to look it up on-line when I finish with the blog rounds...which means I may forget).