Monday, August 16, 2010

Exhausting Hot day.

I am finally moved into my dorm and I went to bed extra early last night. Midnight is super early for me anyways. I woke up at 7:30 and got ready even before my alarm went off so I am super surprised about that. I was energetic and everything it was great. I should have ate something for then a pudding snack because by lunch I was starving off the charts and just lagging behind. But I ate a delicious lunch and then got my books and tracked down the person in charge of the retreat. I was afraid that I was going to bug him or something because I already email him, and the honor's director about going on the retreat but it seemed I wasn't getting a response. So I found him and asked him about it and he said I was in. Which is great because the honor's retreat is awesome. I went last year as a freshman and it is pretty much what made us such a tight knit class. I want to make sure that this year's Honor's freshman have a blast too.

I love my room and it is just great to be able to wake up get dressed and then get back in bed to do some early morning crocheting. I am still working on my shawl but it is a slow process. Books was way to expensive 300 dollars is just to much to pay for only 3 classes. I still need to get my 2-d design books.

I also love that labs don't start until next week so tomorrow I can sleep until noon. Hopefully I wont but it is nice to have that option open.

"Woot!" I just love college.

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  1. Where are you going? Is it a college or university? My best friend from high school went to school in OK, though off the top of my head, I couldn't tell you where...I think she lived in Enid and went to school in Broken Arrow? I know she went to a University and has had a good job at the same place since graduating. Lucky girl. I always made the emotional stupid decisions and have paid for it consistently. Anyway, you made me smile with memories of when I was in a dorm. I loved being away from home, quite honestly. I felt like such a big girl!!! Love your motives for wanting to go on the 'honors retreat' too! The school year is off to an exciting start! Woot!!