Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I was nice and shared my bed with Serenity last night, she slept just fine until around 6 o clock then she had to go outside and use the restroom. That is the one thing I don't like about sharing my bed with any of our pets is they have to use the restroom around 6. For such a big dog she shared the bed pretty good and a lot better then my cat Rintie. In Rintie's eyes the only place to sleep is right on top of me usually on my arm, neck or face. I love cuddling up with her but I don't like actually going to sleep just because I don't want her laying on me.

I woke up early then I have been to go and get ready for the up coming semester. All in All I had a pretty successful day. I got a new ID, decal, and got an application for student employment. I also went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning and got my car washed. My car is now clean and happy (which is sadly pretty rare) My teeth are smooth but my gums are sort of sore from the flossing. I have never been fond of dentists. I don't like the smells, or the grit from the tooth paste they use. I am afraid of drills and giant needles. The only thing I do like is laughing gas, but getting that also involves drills so it is not worth it.

Before I washed my car I decided to swing by a convenience store and pick up something to drink, so I could drink it while I was going through the wash. So I get out of the car and since I am just running into the store for a second I decide I don't need to bring my keys. This would be fine but I guess I am a habitual car locker and I locked my car, through down my keys and shut the door. Only to realize what I had done when I got back to it and it was locked. Luckily for me my papa is a good sport and he went into town to unlock it for me with very few jokes on my behalf.

My yarn still hasn't been shipped and I am getting restless. I really don't have anything to crochet until it comes in, though I guess I could start on another hat with my bamboospun yarn. I really don't want to make anything with my acrylic yarn because since I have worked with cotton and bamboo I don't like the feel and looks of it. I am so excited for my new yarn to come in because it will be the first time I have worked with wool and it is Merino which I hear is so soft and warm.

I got a notification about the Phat Fiber boxes date and I am debating on trying to buying one. I like surprises and it could be interesting but it is just samples and I could buy other yarn with the money. So I don't really know if I will or not. Decisions decisions. Maybe I will just get lucky and win one. Yeah right but a girl can dream. Speaking of dreams I actually had a dream about yarn and fiber! That is probably a sign of clinical obsession. Aren't I in trouble. :D

Sorry about the terrible long blog of rambling. I am a pretty good writer just not when it comes to blogs. Though I think at the very least I am doing a pretty good job of keeping things updated. I have started blogs before only to make a post or two and then forget about them. I just wish Blogger had a notification system set up about recieved comments. If they do then I haven't found it yet.

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  1. Yarn Envy, you are so cute. I love the innocence with which you write. I do get email notification when a comment comes in so there must be a box to check to get that going for yourself here. Maybe under the settings tab? Assuming there is one, that is. If I were you, I'd be so excited about school starting soon. I always loved going back to school! And your day indeed sounds good. I for one always love going to the dentist. My mouth just feels so very clean, a sensation I love. Great job on getting so much done!