Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting Serious (Rant)

(I wrote this a few days ago after checking up on a case in my town that has been developing over lewd behavior between a teacher and a student, but couldn't decide if I wanted to post it or not. Finally I decided to go ahead and post it because I felt it should be posted. Why? I don't really know but feel free to skip this post if you want to, it makes for a serious read and doesn't contain any pleasant reading material.)

It is amazing how many people swarm out of the wood work when something bad happens. At the high school where I graduated from a teacher is convicted of lewd conduct with a student, and now there are swarms of people telling how they always thought he was a good for nothing, and how my school is a terrible school. Shut the freak up, if you had known before hand, why didn't you voice concerns? Thats right because you had no clue, just like everyone else.

And my school isn't a crappy school, we are a small school, we have a small budget, and no school is perfect. Plus I have always found that schools are what you make them. Sure there are extraneous circumstances but if you think your school is a terrible place, AND SO BORING. Change it. Don't just whine about it.
And don't attack his family. They didn't make him do what he did, and you can be sure that they are shocked and hurt.

This whole story makes me just sick. I thought I knew him. He was my class sponser and I hung out with him at Six Flags. I was in his leadership class, and he helped give us the best homecoming dance ever. He got me to be more active in my school, and my community. I thought he was an awesome guy. I respected and trusted him. I guess that is why I feel sick and betrayed. I feel like I am being over dramatic or something about it, because he didn't do anything bad to me. But I feel like he stole something from me. My faith that good people are really what they seem, and not just trying to get close to children or something.

That faith probably should already have been gone, but it was my school. It was never supposed to happen there. Bad things like this happen to other places. We were only supposed to worry about getting sucked up in a tornado and pathetic school fights.

And another thing that makes me mad is that he did have some good ideas. We had a poverty awareness where we raised can foods and slept in boxes at the school. It was a wonderful event and I would like to think that it helped people but now it is marred because his name is associated with it. He could have done a lot of good in this world but he had to go and ruin it with a stupid, stupid, disgusting decision.

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  1. Gosh, girl...I hate to say this because molestation in any form is disgusting...but...BUT! I see how kids today are, especially in high school. And I will preface these next words with also knowing that whomever the victim was very well may have been a victim and unwilling participant. That said, kids are not as innocent as they used to me. Heck...they weren't even all that innocent when I was in school. do still get crushes on teachers, they may do some serious teasing and leading on... That does not make it ok to act though, does it? And a grown man/woman should be able to control themselves and say no (kids don't have that ability all of the time, I know). Then too, an angry student, or a fearful student can make things up as well. With such a serious allegation as this one, you might withhold judgment until all facts are known and publicized. Speculation can destroy a man who may well be innocent.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not know anything of the case, what has been publicized, what has been done, how far it supposedly went. But I have read of teachers being innocent victims of students in such cases. I've even seen a movie based on a true story. I know that teacher's life and livelihood were destroyed and she did absolutely nothing wrong. It is so sad to me that if a teacher is simply nice to a student, ugliness can come from it.

    DISCLAIMER 2: I in no way think it is ok for a teacher to take advantage of students and I do think they should have enough self control to not get involved with a student. I think my whole point is that students aren't always as innocent as made out to be in the news and the man shouldn't be judged and tried without knowing for sure if this really happened. If so, then he should definitely be punished. The stress and shame he brought to his family should always be on his head.