Sunday, August 29, 2010


I haven't been able to post anything in so long but at least I have a good excuse, (I have been keeping up with peoples blogs though :)) Just been busy and yet had nothing to really post about. My scarf is still in the works, I would post a picture but I can't seem to capture the purple in it at all and that is bugging me because the purple and the black go wonderfully together. Just got back from the honor's retreat, it was great and extremely tiring, but I got to meet a lot of the honor's freshmen and made a few friends so it was completely worth the little sleep I got.

At my college we have a sort of secret underground group, where we talk freely about certain topics like religion and politics. We are selective about who attends because as I am sure you know certain people can't talk about those topics without getting defensive or preachy.

Anyways we invited a few freshmen and went to the dock to talk and it was nice. But because of it we all stayed up way past bedtime, and though I am not sure what time we went back to the cabins, it had to be around 4:00 am or something and we had to wake up at 7:15, so needless to say we were sleepy sleepy sleepy. It was completely worth it though and I would do it again.

I am about to swing by my house to see if I can find a decent canvas to play on, and get some brushes to. Since I am taking an art class I was able to attend the Liquitex demonstration. So I scored a few freebies :D. I had already bought a mixing set, and then they gave me two mediums, One is a White Opaque Flakes texture gel, and the other is a Gloss Super Heavy Gel, plus I got the primary colors in Heavy Body Paint, so I am ready to try it out.

Here is a side note, in class the other day my logic professor made a reference to Doctor Who, it was pretty great.

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  1. I look forward to seeing some of your art work! So glad school is starting out with a bang for you!