Thursday, December 30, 2010


I love crochet.  I love the things I can make with it, and the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a project.  Heck I love just messing with yarn and making nothing out of it, I just love having my hands busy.  I tried knitting before, and I would get some time invested and then I would drop a stitch and the gripe and moan trying to figure out a way to save the stitch.  With crochet its SO simple when you drop a stitch, you just loop it back in and do it again.  So I was extremely disappointed when I couldn't do the same with knitting.  So I threw down my nifty little knitting sticks and used the yarn I got from the knitting kit to crochet me a hat and headband and swore off knitting forever.  

 That being said recently I have been looking at knitting patterns on Ravelry, drolling over socks, scarves, and over fabric created by knitting.  Since I left my knitting sticks at the dorms I grabbed up some chopsticks and gave it a whirl.  I learned a few things from this venture,  one being  new cast on technique tons easier then the long tail cast on and secondly and probably most importantly Chopsticks don't make good knitting needles.   I did however enjoy myself so I went out and bought some more yarn, and a few knitting tools.  I am making some pretty good progress on the cowl I started yesterday.  It will be awhile before I finish it since I am not as fast as knitting as I am at crocheting.  So that is the downside but I really love the clicking of knitting needles.  Its pretty awesome, and the fabric that I am making with this yarn is so squishy and wonderful.  Which by the way I greatly recommend this yarn to anyone who loves black, blue, and purple.  It is Tweed Stripes by Lionbrand in the Caribbean color-way.  

Its also worth saying that I am truly knitting, because I am not purling or anything else.  I will eventually take the time to learn other stitchs but I figure it will be better to become competent in the knit stitch before I tackle another stitch.  

Happy New Years Eve everyone.  I hope that you finish 2010 with a blast and you start 2011 the same way.  

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