Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Health Fears

Tonight has seemed to be a night where I am constantly fearing about my health.  I have above average hearing but I have been hearing things like an odd pulsing noise, microphone feedback, and today I heard chimes.  The microphone feedback I have always heard but the pulsing and chimes are new.  This doesn't really bother me the because there are tons of things that can cause this, and it is completely possible that I can just hear different frequencies then what is normal or that I am losing some of my hearing.  However I found a lump under my chin and that has me worried.  I know that it could be numerous benign things the most likely thing being a fatty tumor since my granny has had them before.  However a part of me can't help fear that it won't be benign.  Its irrational I know, but my family does have a history of cancer, but really hardly a family today hasn't been touched in some way by it.  What has me the most riled up is there is a random red raised bump that just appeared out of nowhere on my stomach.  It kind of looks like a burn or something but it doesn't itch, and it doesn't burn.  But it just appeared there it that has me a little weired out.  Its probably nothing but I have never seen anything like it before.  Being that its late I can't just go and show my granny and expect an answer, like its a bug bite or something.    I don't like knowing what is going on and I want this bump just to disappear!  It freaks me out and makes me feel paranoid.

I guess I will stop being a hypochondriac and get some rest.  Hopefully I wont have dreams out bumps and bugs or something.

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