Saturday, December 25, 2010

Designing a Hat

I am currently designing a Hat :).  I am pretty excited about it and I have already started several variations but I think I have it figured out now.  Hopefully I did my math right and the stitches will flow together, I am dreadfully bad at math.  I need to get started but I think I will rest a bit since I am not sure what yarn I am going to use.  I know it will need to be a finer yarn, like fingering, DK, or worsted, and I find of want to have fun with my left over super bulky yarn.

I posted up pictures of my recent big projects and updated the projects page to show some that I forget to add. Opps!  There was quite a few and there is still a few more but I have pictures of one but they are not here right now and the other is kind of an embarrassment as far as hats go, but its so comfy, so I probably won't frog it.

Wish me Luck! :D

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