Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Projects

So I have a few Christmas crochet projects before Friday gets here.  Hopefully I can pull it off and the receivers will be thrilled with them.  I have already done one Christmas hat, and all I need to get is the button for it.  I will post pictures of it later, I am so happy with it and sort of wish I could keep it.  But it doesn't look nearly as amazing on me as the person it was intended for.  She has already tried it on because I was worried it wouldn't fit.   The one project I am nervous about is intended for my little brother.  He is at a difficult stage or at least difficult for me.  Its rather funny that although I have just come out of my teenage years I don't really know how to handle him.  But then again boys have always been difficult for me to get presents for, I just hope that the hat suits his style and looks manly enough.  I know its not going to be girly but its not turning out like I planed.  The yarn is making it look like a camouflage, and I don't know if he digs that or not.

Then I have a head band/cowl I need to design for my mom.  That shouldn't be to hard, (I hope).  I just hope everyone likes their gifts.  And I know its better to give then receive but I am looking forward to opening a few myself.  ; )

The winter solstice eclipse was pretty amazing.  So glad that I took the time to go outside and watch it.  Winter is here but spring isn't very far behind.  I love all seasons so I can't really pick a favorite.  I had an amazing night with my mom and we went and got coffee together.  I don't get to see her too often so its nice when we get to hangout.

Though its not quite time for new years resolutions.  I am going to bring it up anyways.  I want to be a better sister then I have been in the past.  My brother and I are not very close to one another.  A lot of that is my fault because when he wanted to hang out when he was younger I pushed him away because he was young and I was a teen having fun with my friends.   I guess I just want to be a cool older sister and make a good difference in his life, but I worry it might be to late for that.

Anyways I hope everyone has an amazing holiday, and gets all their crafting, and shopping done before the big day.

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  1. Merry Christmas! You should set up project pages for your Christmas Gifts even if you do it after the holiday. Then we can all oogle them! Have a great break! :o)
    Dr W

    PS It is never too late. Call up your brother and go to Starbucks or a movie or something. He will love it.