Sunday, January 2, 2011


Title explains it all.  But I can finally claim the title of a knitter.  I completed my first project and I can both Knit and Purl and cast off.   That is pretty much it for my skills at the moment but I am pretty proud of it nonetheless.

And here is my masterpiece.

I love this yarn!  So I think I am going to crochet up so wrist warmers and a hat to match.  I would knit it... but I don't think I am quite there yet....   Knitting in the round scares me.  Heck a whole lot in knitting scares me so baby steps.

I bought interweave crochet magazine and it has tons of beautiful patterns.  I thought I was pretty decent at crochet but I don't think I could do any of those projects and that makes me sad...  Plus I don't have a CLUE how to do Tuscan crochet.   I will eventually get brave enough and tackle one.

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